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Dream Estates Realty Group is a pioneering company that revolutionizes all traditional business concepts of real estate.

Our company’s roots are based firmly in God, the family, the welfare of our members and the development of all of our cooperators to top leadership positions.

Our primary objective is to help make new professionals in the field of real estate become solid business people with defined goals and the ability to make their dreams reality before their eyes.

Dream Estates extends open arms to those with experience as well. We will bring existing professionals to the level of excellence they’ve always dreamed of, preparing them to open his or her own private practices in the places they want.

We will always be their partner for unconditional success and support. Our growth environment provides all the necessary training to succeed in our program as well as a residual compensation plan, educational grants and scholarships.

We are committed to making the change and success in you.

At Dream Estates, we have written a new success story where our aim is not to compete with other companies but revolutionize the industry as a whole. We go further in our partnerships and want to leave a mark in the history of real estate where our influences emerges beyond ourselves and into the legacy we’ve created long after we’re gone.

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We understand that your interest in exploring a career with Dream Estates Realty Group should remain private and confidential. After submitting your information, you will be contacted by our Recruiting Associate who will answer any questions and coordinate a priority interview with you.

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Success Stories

I love being part of Dream Estates Realty Group team because there is a sense of loyalty and leadership. They offer support and training to help you build a successful business.

Thank you Marvel for inspiring me to be an entrepreneur.

Luisana Castano, Real Estate Agent

Dream Estates Realty Group is different in many ways. The spirit of leadership is what gives Dream Estates Realty Group the advantage over the other companies and allow us to revolutionize in our area. In addition, the team work and dedication of our broker, Marvel, is the key to create new leaders.

Ana Troitino, Real Estate Agent

I have truly found in Dream Estates Realty Group a great team that have genuinely helped me grow professionally and I have been able to help my clients honestly as they deserve. The Best company ever…

Aimara Perez, Real Estate Agent

I joined Dream Estates Realty Group since its beginnings in 2014. I had just acquired my Real Estate license and was in great need of a Broker and a Company that would take the time and interest in helping me grow as a Realtor and attain my personal and professional goals.

Not only did I find in Dream Estates Realty Group the best school I could have ever found, but I found a family. I believe that it is the personal touch, the people skills of our Broker, Marvel, and the wonderful people who make DERG what sets it apart from any other Real Estate Company.

Claudia Perez, Real Estate Agent

Dream Estates Realty Group is by far the best company when it comes to team work, motivation and hand on hand training. I love the company’s philosophy of duplicating leaders that will have the opportunity to become partners.

Jorge Troitino, Real Estate Agent

I chose to start my career in Real Estate with Dream Estates Realty Group because I felt supported by my broker and the other realtors. I also believe in my broker’s expertise in the field and her willingness to share that knowledge with all of us. I’m confident that we will be very successful in this journey together.

Raquel Hernandez, Real Estate Agent

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